Fry Bread

This is one of my favorites cause it’s so versatile.

2 1/2 cps flour
2 eggs
3/4 cps milk
Spices (I use pepper, paprika, garlic and season all but that’s what’s fun about this one is you can use anything you like)
1/4 oil (for frying)

Mix spices into your flour.
Add eggs and milk and mix until smooth.
Heat oil on medium heat.
When oil is fully heated pour about 1/2 your batter into the pan.
Check underneath the dough after about 45 seconds, if it’s golden brown flip it over.
Cook the second side 30-45 seconds.

Make sure you cook this on Medium heat as it will burn quickly.
This is a nice side dish for fried chicken, just use the flour that the chicken was breaded in.
I like to throw a fried egg on top just for fun.
If you’re feeling very adventurous add a cup of sugar instead of spices for make-shift doughnuts


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