C is for Circumsision

Contrary to popular belief, there is no shame in having your son circumcised. I believe this decision should be based on the educated research and beliefs of the each boy’s parents.
We decided to circumcise our son at 3 weeks to give us time to do the necessary research to make an informed decision on the matter.

I’ll start off by saying that my husband is circumcised. For many people that is their main reason to circumcise their son. While it wasn’t our main reason, it did help us to make our decision. Many people also base their decision on religious beliefs (in the Old Testament it was a  requirement for all Jewish boys to be circumcised on the eighth day). Since we are not Jewish this did not apply to us. I have a teenage relative who was not circumcised (do to cultural beliefs) that wishes he had been. This too helped sway our opinion. We did some research on the medical pros and cons of the procedure and in the end decided to go through with it.

He did so wonderful! The nurse brought him back to me from the procedure and he was just a relaxed little 3 week old. I assumed this had to do with all the numbing but 1 week later still hadn’t showed a single sign that anything had been done. He was extra wiggly the day the ring fell off but aside from that, everything went perfect.

In the end there were those who supported us and those who accused of  doing “barbaric, out dated and unnecessary surgery” on our child but I am a firm believer that each parent has the knowledge and the right to make an informed decision regarding the health of their child.

If you are debating whether to circumcise, I encourage you to weigh the pros and cons of circumcision and trust your parental instincts to do what’s right for you and your family.

How much did you allow the opinions of others sway your decision to circumcise or not?
Tell us about it in the comments section of this post.


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