H is for Harry (Our Birth Story)

At my 40 week check up I heard the same report I’d been hearing for weeks “0 cm dilated, 0% effaced” sigh. Based on a few different ultrasounds (and daddy’s genes) our ‘little’ bundle was estimated to be a whopping 9 ½ lbs! All things considered up to this point, my doctor wasn’t convinced Harry was going to come on his own before he got to big. We scheduled an induction for 4 days later. The weekend included painful, inconsistent contractions and almost no sleep. Bright and early Monday morning I hopped in the shower, sat on my yoga ball and called the birthing center to confirm my time.

At noon I packed my hospital bag, husband, mom and ‘doula’ (my very close cousin that’s in nursing school) made a stop at Sonic the 30-minute drive to my birthing center.

When we arrived my contractions were consistently about 10 minutes apart and lasting about 45 seconds.  At 2pm I was checked for progress (now at 1cm and 90% effaced) strapped down and given a strand of Cervidil and my first dose of PCN and left to just kinda wait and see what happens.

Everything was pretty chill for the next few hours aside from a confirmation measurement ultrasound and a couple of walks around the garden. With my little dude still measuring at 9 ½ lbs the sun began to set. Grandma headed out to the car to catch some shut-eye while my cousin snuggled up in a corner on the floor. But there would be no sleep for daddy and I as labor was rapidly becoming stronger and stronger as the night went on. At about 3am I was begging for an epidural but the nurse encouraged me to try a warm shower instead. So I sat in the shower with water running on my belly for about an hour before heading back to bed to get my next dose of PCN.

At 8am my doctor came in to check up on us (4.5cm and 90%) pull my Cervidil and approve my epidural. By noon my epidural was in place and I was feelin’ good. My heart rate began to drop so I was put on oxygen. (FUN PART: I suddenly felt a very wet gush of liquid on my legs and called a nurse in to confirm that it was my water. It was pee.) After a few hours I was starting to feel the sharpness of my contractions that were now a minute and a half apart. A nurse then informed me that they’d been having issues with the anesthesia pumps going out all week so I ‘probably wasn’t getting the full effect of my epidural’. At 1pm and 7.5cm my doctor decided to break my water to push things along. Harry’s head wasn’t descending. Still at station 2, the pain began to get so intense that I was given some Thorazine to help me rest up before the big push.

At 5:15 my doctor came in to check and it was time to push! 20 minutes later, after 30 hours of labor, my perfect 8lb 14oz, 21 ½ in ‘little’ boy was on my chest and I was in love.

Check Out our Labor Video-Coming Soon

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